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Schretlen Notaris

We offer a complete notarial service to private individuals and entrepreneurs. Through us, you can find the answers to any questions you may have about getting married, inheriting, buying, and doing business. We can also take care of any financial matters for you.

We take pride in giving you a clear and correct answer through a personal approach. This is then translated into a legally binding text which thereby provides you with the certainty you are looking for.

Our experience is broad and covers, in a manner of speaking, all your questions from the cradle to the grave.

We specialize in legacy planning and any issues related to business succession and company takeovers.

Corporate law in general is also an important part of our notarial practice. We are experienced in advising entrepreneurs in the legal setting-up and further structuring of their companies.

Furthermore, we are multilingual and internationally-oriented.

Mr. Karel Schretlen
Mr. Karel SchretlenCivil notarykschretlen@schretlennotaris.nl
Marianne Heusschen
Marianne HeusschenNotarial employeemheusschen@schretlennotaris.nl
Mr. Boris Huisman
Mr. Boris HuismanCandidate civil notarybhuisman@schretlennotaris.nl
Mirjam Steenbakkers
Mirjam SteenbakkersNotary clerksteenbakkers@schretlennotaris.nl
Mr. Bianca Palm
Mr. Bianca PalmCandidate civil notarybpalm@schretlennotaris.nl
Ewald Scheffers
Ewald ScheffersNotary clerkescheffers@schretlennotaris.nl
Bianca van Wilgenburg
Bianca van WilgenburgReceptionistbwilgenburg@schretlennotaris.nl


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